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Inseok Song

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Associate Professor of Astronomy
Associate Department Head
Research Interests:

Are we alone in the Universe?, How did our Solar System start?

I am working toward the answer to these questions via my various research projects. More specifically, I am interested in young stars in the solar neighborhood, origin and evolution of Solar System, and imaging detection of extra-solar planets.

I have been working on stars with extremely large amount of dust particles (over million times more dust particles than in our Solar System). The huge amount of warm dust around these stars (e.g., BD+20 307 and HD 23514) is only explained by recent cosmic collisions between planets which is similar to the one that created the Earth-Moon system in our Solar system about 4 billion years ago.

For more details on my research projects, please see my homepage.

Selected Publications:
  • Sgro, L. A., & Song, I., "The infrared excess emission from nearby Gaia DR2 M dwarfs", 2021, MNRAS, 508, 3084.
  • *Kipreos, Y. & Song, I., "An Unbiased Mineral Compositional Analysis Technique for Circumstellar Disks", 2021, AJUR, 18, 13
  • Melis, C., Olofsson, J., Song, I., Sarkis, P., Weinberger, A. J., Kennedy, G., & Krumpe, M., "Highly Structured Inner Planetary System Debris around the Intermediate Age Sun-like Star TYC 8830 410 1", 2021, ApJ, 923, 90
  • Lee, J., Song, I., & Murphy, S., "2MASS J15460752-6258042: a mid-M dwarf hosting a prolonged accretion disc", 2020, MNRAS, 494, 62
  • Lee, J., & Song, I., "Development of models for nearbaby young stellar moving groups: creation, revision, and finalization of the models", 2019, MNRAS, 486, 3434
  • Lee, J., & Song, I., "Evaluation of nearby young moving groups based on unsupervised machine learning", 2019, MNRAS, 489, 2189
  • Sung, H., Bessell, M. S., & Song, I., "The Sejong Open cluster Survey (SOS) VI. A small star-forming region in the high Galactic latitude molecular cloud MBM 110", 2019, MNRAS, 486, 3473
  • Jinhee Lee & Inseok Song, "Bayesian assessment of moving group membership: importance of models and prior knowledge", 2018, MNRAS, 475, 2955
  • Tara Cotten & Inseok Song, "A Comprehensive Census of Nearby Infrared Excess Stars", 2016, ApJS, 225, 15
  • Macintosh et al., "Discovery and spectroscopy of the young jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager", 2015, Science, 350, 64
  • C. Melis et al., "Rapid disappearance of a warm, dusty circumstellar disk", 2012, Nature, 487, 74
  • Inseok Song, B. Zuckerman, A. Weinberger, and E. Beckman, "Extreme Collisions between Planetesimals as the origin of warm dust around a Sun-like Star", 2005, Nature, 436, 363
  • B. Zuckerman and Inseok Song, "Young Stars Near Earth", 2004, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 42, 685
Of note:
  • Newcomb Cleveland Prize (AAAS), 2010
  • Ralph E. Powe Faculty Award (ORAU), 2009

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