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Policy on Grading and Proctoring of Undergraduate Exams

Policy on Grading and Proctoring of Undergraduate Exams

Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Georgia
September 28, 2012

Grading and proctoring of undergraduate exams is a critical departmental function, necessary to ensure the proper administration of our undergraduate courses.  It is considered an integral part of the work associated with your teaching assistantship (GLA).

In the last two years there have been a number of occasions when graduate students did not show up for their grading or proctoring assignments.  As a result, there was an unfairly increased burden on the instructor, and the graders/proctors who did show up for their assignments, to achieve the grading and proctoring tasks in the allotted time.

Because of these numerous incidents, the department is now instituting the following policy, effective immediately (September 28, 2012):

(1) Graduate students are completely responsible for their grading and proctoring assignments.

If you know that, for some reason, you will not be able to be present for your assignment, then it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  You must also notify both the course instructor and the lab administrator that you have found a replacement and tell them who that replacement is.

Such action on your part does not absolve you of your share of assignments, however.  As stated above, grading and proctoring are considered part of the work associated with your assistantship, so the department expects that you will make-up any missed assignments by returning the favor to those who replaced you.  The graduate coordinator will treat aberrant cases on an individual basis, with penalties similar to that mentioned below.

(2) If you miss a grading or proctoring assignment and you do not arrange for a replacement grader or proctor (or your replacement does not show up), then the Department Head will officially reprimand you with a letter which will be placed in your file and warn you that any further infraction of the policy will result in a reduction of your teaching assistantship 0.5 ninths in the following semester.  Any subsequent incidents will result in additional 0.5 ninths reductions the following semester.

We regret having to take these steps, but we feel that they are necessary in order to convey the importance of the grading and proctoring assignments.