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Physics and Astronomy

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Departmental Alumni and Alumnae

Some Alumni and Alumnae of the Ph.D. Program

Benjamin Jackson 2015 Nakayama Underwriters Laboratory
Production Of Cascade Hyperons In Hadron And Photon-induced Reactions
Dilina Perera 2015 Landau Mississippi State University
Atomistic Simluations Of Magnetic Models With Coupled Translational And Spin Degree...
Kyle Walker 2015 Stancil CNRS- Universite' du Havre, France; postdoc
Molecular Collisional Excitation In Astrophysical Environments And Modeling The Ear...
Pradip Basnet 2015 Y. Zhao
"metal Oxide Photocatalytic Nanostructures Fabricated By Dynamic Shadowing Growth"
Hui Yu 2015 Ullrich
"femtosecond Time-resolved Spectroscopy Study Of Excited State Dynamics: Heterocycl...
Vijay Veeraghattam 2014 Lewis & Stancil Staples, Inc., Senior Software Engineer
Computer Simulations Of Molecular Sticking On Amorphous Ice
Mohua Bhattacharya 2014 Lewis & Dennis
First-principles Studies Of The Effects Of Transition Metal Impurities On The Elect...
George Larsen III 2014 Y. Zhao
Scalable Chiral Plasmonic Structures: Fabrication And Sensing Applications
Manoj Manjare 2014 Y. Zhao
Bubble Driven Catalytic Micromotors
Joydip Ghosh 2013 Geller Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation With Superconducting Elements: High-fidelity Gat...
Joonsang Lee 2013 Q. Zhao MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dce-mri For Quantification And Segmentation Of Tumors: Reference Region Model And I...
Luning Wang 2013 Q. Zhao Univ. of Minnesota
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Short T2 Materials: From Detection To Quantification
Adam Schneider 2013 Song University of Toledo; postdoc
Young Nearby Stars
Jonathan Gross 2013 Bachmann University of Leipzig, Germany
Parallel Monte Carlo Simulations Of Coarse-grained Flexible Polymers To Obtain Stru...
Nicolas Lee Evans 2013 Ullrich
Ultrafast Photoprotection Mechanisms And The Extraterrestrial Survivability Of Adenine
Joshua Alan Hughes 2013 Fertig
An All Optical Bec Apparatus For The Investigation Of Magnetic Order In Spinor Atom...
Thomas E. Lanier 2012 Dennis Kennesaw State University, Postdoc
Characterization Of Structured Optical Materials An Devices In The Visible Near Inf...
Meng Meng 2012 Landau Workday
Modified Late-time Domain Growth Behavior Due To Compressibility
YingWai Li 2012 Landau Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Unraveling Universal Thermodynamic And Structural Behavior Of Hp Model Protein Adso...
William Potter 2012 Q. Zhao Cornell Univ.
Radiofrequency Coil Design And Application To Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Contro...
Wesam el-Qadi 2012 Stancil
A Computational Study Of Collisions Relevant To Cyanogen, Carbon Dioxide, And Heliu...
Eduardo Pestana 2011 Lee Department of Physics, Simon Boliva Univ., Caracas, Venezuela Full Professor
Application Of The Recurrence Relations Method To A Many-body Model For The Study O...
Junqi Yin 2011 Landau Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Novel, Parallel Monte Carlo Simulations Of Systems Of Interacting Classical Particles
Siyan Hu 2011 Landau Firewood Marketing
Monte Carlo Study Of Multicritical Behavior Of The 3d Anisotropic Heisenberg Model
Sairam Tangirala 2011 Landau Georgia Gwinnett College
Computational Study Of Polymer Films Using A Monte Carlo Model Of Vapor Deposition ...
Zhuofei Hou 2011 Landau UGA
Spin Dynamics Simulation Studies Of Nanoscale Classical Heisenberg Antiferromagnets
Jason Langley 2011 Q. Zhao Emory Univ.
Estimation Of The Phase Gradient In Mri: From Phase Unwrapping To Characterization ...
Jeff Nolte 2011 Stancil Western Michigan University; postdoc
Computational Studies Of Atomic, Ionic, And Molecular Scattering
David Cotten 2011 Magnani University of Georgia, Dept. of Geography
Diffuse Molecular Ga In Cloud Envelopes And The Galaxy
John Gibbs 2011 Y. Zhao
Catalytic Nanomotors: Fabrication By Dynamic Shadowing Growth, Propulsion Mechanism...
Shijun Lei 2010 Shelton
Galactic Diffuse Hot Gas: Shadowing Observations And Joint Analysis
Lijun Pang 2010 Landau Georgia Gwinnett College
Monte Carlo Studies Of Interface Behavior In Ising Films
Daniel Seaton 2010 Landau Davidson College
Wang-landau Simulations Of Thermodynamic Behavior In Homopolymer Systems
Emily Pritchett 2010 Geller Hughes Research Lab, Malibu
Superconducting Quantum Computation: Devices, Gate Design, And Quantum Simulation
Shinya Miyake 2010 Stancil The University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway The Department of Theoretical Astrophysics; postdoc
Photoprocess Effects In The Early Universe
Christopher Gay 2010 Stancil Sante Fe College, Gainsville, FL; instructor
Chemistry And Physical Processes In Early Universe Structure Formation
Bo Wen 2010 Meyer Washington State University (post-doc)
Ir-uv Double Resonance Spectroscopy On No-x Van Der Waals Complexes
Xiaojia Tang 2009 Schüttler UGA Institute of Buioinformatics (Postdoc)
Computational Systems Biology For The Biological Clock Of Neurospora Crassa
Sarah Dunning 2009 Dennis Physical Review A (Assistant Editor)
Optimizing Thin Film Filters For Ultrashort Pulse Shaping
Jeremy R. Gulley 2009 Dennis University of Georgia (Visiting Physics Instructor) & GGC (Part-time Professor of Physics)
Simulation Of Ultrashort Laser Pulse Propagation And Plasma Generation In Nonlinear...
Sebastian W. Winkler 2009 Dennis AREVA, Germany
Nondestructive Interaction Of Ultrafast Laser Pulses With Transparent Dielectrics
Stephan B. Chaney 2009 Happek Army Research Laboratory (Staff Scientist)
The Luminescence Of Divalent Europium In Cs2ca2+p207 And Cs2sr2+p207
Junxe Fu 2009 Y. Zhao Department of Electronicand Computer Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Research Associate)
Optical Sensors For Bacteria Detection Based On Nanostructures Fabricated B Dynamic...
Zhongyue Zhang 2009 Y. Zhao School of Physics and Astronomy, Southwest University, China (Associate Professor)
Numerical Study Of The Optical Properties Of Silver Nanostructures With Different T...

Some Alumni and Alumnae of the M.S. Program

S. Reece Boston 2015 Lewis & Dennis
Benjamin Ruskin 2010 Song High school physics teacher