Welcome to The Fifth Annual Southeast Quantum Computing Workshop!

We are pleased to announce the Fifth Southeast Quantum Computing Workshop, SEQCW22, to be held on-line on May 20, 2022 (via Zoom). The workshop will have APS-style talks and will cover all aspects of quantum computing and quantum information science. Registration for SEQCW22 is currently closed. For additional information contact Michael Geller at mgeller@uga.edu.

SEQCW22 Invited Speakers:

Glen Evenbly
Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Completion of Randomly Sampled Wavefunctions using Tensor Networks

Creston Herold
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Title: Implementing MaxCut QAOA with Trapped Ions

Zoe Holmes
Los Alamos National Lab
Title: Dynamical Simulation via Quantum Machine Learning with Provable Generalization

Alexander Kemper
North Carolina State University
Title: Examining Thermodynamics using Quantum Computers

Benjamin Nachman
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Title: New Strategies for Quantum Error Mitigation

Nicholas Peters
Oak Ridge National Lab
Title: Quantum Communications and Networking at Oak Ridge National Lab

Ruslan Shaydulin
Future Lab For Applied Research And Engineering, JPMorgan Chase & Co
Title: Importance of Kernel Bandwidth in Quantum Machine Learning

George Siopsis
University of Tennessee
Title: Quantum Computing with Continuous Variables