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Atomic & Molecular Physics

Atomic, Molecular, Optical, and Chemical (AMOC) Physics is mainly concerned with the common building blocks of the world around us (and beyond), i.e., with atoms, ions, electrons, molecules, and photons, and their mutual interactions. Of special interest are those phenomena that occur at temperatures and energies which are typical of the Earth's atmosphere, the atmospheres of other planets and comets, the atmospheres of stars, the gas found in interstellar clouds, and the ultracold regime of Bose-Einstein Condensates. Additionally, in our biophysics program, we study the dynamics and functionality of biophotonic molecules.

The efforts in the AMOC group include both experimental and theoretical programs. In contrast to big user-oriented research facilities, students involved in experimental AMOC physics have the chance to be completely in control of the actual experiment. Students get involved routinely in a variety of different technical areas including the design and construction of vacuum systems, data acquisition and analysis, laser development and computer control. Students pursing theoretical AMOC work get the opportunity to utilize and develop state of the art computer algorithms to investigate atomic and molecular interactions on modern workstations and supercomputers.


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