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We use time-resolved spectroscopic techniques for the characterization of ultrafast processes in biomolecues, medically relevant molecules and nanomaterials.

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Course developments with focus on experiential learning: advanced undergraduate laboratory, biophotonics course, service learning through science shows, UGA cubesat.

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Laboratory internships for high school students and teachers, science shows for schoools, after-school and community programs.

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Invited publication in themed issue of PCCP

Our research on the photophysics of the modified DNA base 2-thiouracil was published as an invited article in the PCCP special issue: Prebiotic Chemistry and the Molecular Origins of Life.

Science Shows on Discover UGA

Science show performances by our service learning course "communicating science to diverse audiences" featured in the May issue of Discover UGA: Helping communities.

Small Satelite Lab receives NASA and Air Force grants

Small Satelite lab receives funding from NASA and the Air Force to build and launch two cubesats. The projects are featured in a UGA news release and the UGA front page.

We currently have openings for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Prof. Susanne Ullrich

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

P: (706) 542-0344

E: ullrich@physast.uga.edu