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Lab Tour

1. Fabrication 

 Evaporation system.JPG   lab view 1.JPGglove box system.JPG

MBraun nitrogen gas glove box system integrated with a evaporation chamber which is equipped with a 4 pocket E-beam source, thermal resistive source and two Radak sources for organic material evaporation.

A standard ultra-sonic cleaning procedure inside a fume hood

clean room-2.png
Class 1000 clean room

crystal growth system.pngRubrene crystal growth system

2. Characterization

system-1.JPG.pngAdvanced Research System (ARS) optical window cryostat equipped with a 0.3 Tesla electromagnet is used for optical, electrical and magnetic characterization from 5.5K up to 450K


Second cryostat measurement system equipped with a 0.26 Tesla electromagnet is used organic spin valves (OSV) characterization with four-probe technique from 20K up to 400K.



Magnion electromagnet (2T).jpgMagnion electromagnet that can produce up to 1.8 Tesla


Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) equipped with the AC and DC transport measurement inside a superconducting magnet produced up to 9 Tesla at temperature down to 4K

 DLTS system.JPG
Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) system

3. MOKE and spectroscopy  

MOKE setup.pngRegular MOKE measurement setup

Balanced-MOKE set up.png
A-B balenced-MOKE setup


other optics.png
Optics parts

4. Femtosecond laser and THz time domain spectroscopy

Fetosecond Laser and THz time domain spectroscopy.png

5. Others

oscilloscope and func generator.JPGOscilloscope and function generator

wire bondering machine.JPGwire bonding machine

OOMMF simulation.JPGOOMMF simulation program (Linux system)

6. Lab view

lab view 1.JPG


lab space view-1.JPG