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Summer Support Policy

Summer Support Policy

    1. Let F be the number of faculty members who wish to teach a course and who satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
      1. has only partial grant support for the summer;
      2. has submitted a major proposal between May 1 and April 30 of the preceding academic year†;
      3. can show that funding for a proposal submitted before May 1 of the preceding academic year is imminent;
      4. has been awarded at least one merit point for teaching overload for the preceding academic year.
    2. Let C be the smaller of the number of courses to be taught during the summer or that number minus the number to be assigned to retiring colleagues as described in Section III.
    3. If F>C, lots may be drawn, as described in Section I.iv), to determine who will teach.
    4. Let F' be the number of "losers" in earlier lotteries who are also members of F. If F'<C, members of F' will be exempted from the current lottery. If F'=C and F>F', members of F' will be assigned courses and the remaining members of F will be awarded "loser" status even though no lottery occurs. If F'>C, members of F' with longest-standing "loser" status will be assigned courses and the remaining members of F will be awarded "loser" status; a lottery may be required if there are members of F' with identical "loser" status. If a member of F' is assigned a course because of his "loser" status (this excludes the special case F'=C=F), he loses that status with regard to future years. Note that it is logically possible that persons returning to the lottery in one year may be exempted from it in succeeding years.
    5. If F<C, a lottery will determine who is assigned a second course. There are no "losers" of this lottery with regard to exemption from future lotteries.
    In order to qualify for summer research support, if available, a faculty member must satisfy either criterion 1) or 2) in section I. above.
    1. If a faculty member
      1. satisfies a criterion for "set F" described in section I. above,
      2. has officially declared to the Head a retirement date,
      3. is within two years of retirement, and
      4. has had an average summer support of 1/3 time or more for his entire period of employment ("summer support" may have come from teaching, research, or administration but must have been paid locally so that retirement contributions were withheld and "1/3 time" refers to 1/9 of the preceding academic year salary, the usual compensation for one summer course),

      then that faculty member will not be required to draw lots for the first course provided that there are not more such retiring faculty members than courses. Also, such faculty members take precedence over any "losers" from previous years. Furthermore, the Department will endeavor to provide, in the two years before retirement, at least the same fraction of summer employment which the faculty member has averaged during his entire employment in the Department.

    2. If a member of group F has been assigned a course and voluntarily cedes this course without any special consideration (e. g. special Departmental research support) in order to accommodate retiring colleagues, he will acquire "loser" status with regard to future lotteries. Note that this implies that a course may be ceded to a retiring colleague without regard to current "losers".
    3. Any variance of the parts of this policy dealing with teaching and which is unanimously agreed to by members of group F is permissible for the current year.

† Previously rejected proposals which are substantially unchanged or an essentially identical proposal submitted to a different agency will not be allowed as satisfying this criterion.