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Policy on Post-Tenure Review

Policy on Post-Tenure Review

The Post-tenure Review Committees will be chosen in the following manner:

  1. The faculty will choose a designated faculty member to draw names from a "hat".
  2. The names of all tenured faculty members will be put into a "hat".
  3. The designated faculty member will choose one name from the "hat" in turn for each faculty member to be evaluated. If the name which has been drawn is on the list of those to be excluded, another name will be chosen. Once an acceptable name is chosen, and accepted, it should not be placed back into the "hat" subject to condition #5, but unacceptable names chosen in this step will be returned to the "hat".
  4. The procedure outlined in #3 will be repeated until each Review Committee of 3 people has been chosen.
  5. If the process reaches the point where all names have either been chosen or excluded, in a manner consistent with the guidelines, the names of all faculty members will again be placed in a "hat" and the process will continue until all committees are formed.

The University policy for the review are given in