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Procedure for Search for Department Head

Procedure for Headship Search

  1. The Faculty of Full Professors will act as a Committee of the Whole to elect a Nominating Committee from the membership of the Department faculty. It will be the function of this committee to prepare a slate of candidates for election to the Headship Search Committee, henceforth called the Search Committee.
  2. The Nominating Committee will present its recommendations to the departmental faculty whose members will vote by secret ballot, first to amend and/or accept the slate of candidates, and then to elect six members of the Search Committee and approve a list of persons from outside the Department to be recommended to the Dean of the College. It is anticipated that the Dean of the College will choose a seventh member of the committee from the recommended list. The election by the departmental faculty of members of the Search Committee will be subject to the following restrictions:
    1. not less than three nor more than four members will be elected from the Faculty of Full Professors,
    2. not less than two nor more than three members will be elected from the Faculty of Associate Professors and the Faculty of Assistant Professors jointly, and
    3. at least one member elected from the departmental faculty will be a representative of a minority group according to provisions of EEOC.
  3. The list of recommended persons from outside the Department to be submitted to the Dean will consist of at least two and not more than three names.

  4. The Nominating Committee will report the actions of the departmental faculty to the Dean of the College who will notify the members of the Search Committee of their appointment. At the request of the Dean of the College the Nominating Committee will call a meeting of the Search Committee at which the Search Committee will elect its chairman. The Nominating Committee, having completed its primary function, will continue to serve only on a contingency basis as provided for in Section VI.
  5. The procedures which define the methods by which the candidates for the Headship will be determined and the interactions between the Search Committee and the departmental faculty are as follows:
    1. elect its chairman,
    2. invite applications from all interested, qualified persons,
    3. receive recommendations for the Headship from departmental faculty members,
    4. solicit applications at the discretion of the committee, and
    5. report all potential candidates' names to the departmental faculty at a called meeting whose purpose will be to approve, by majority vote, all candidacies which are to be evaluated by the Search Committee. Provisions will be made for accepting nominations from the floor and voting will be by secret ballot. Upon voting on all potential candidacies as described above, each of those receiving majority votes will become a candidate and the nominating process will be closed. At the discretion of the Search Committee the nominating process can be resumed by any of the procedures IV.2-4.
    6. The names of candidates approved by the Search Committee will be recommended to the departmental faculty and voted upon by secret ballot; a two-thirds majority vote of the departmental faculty will be required to recommend any candidate to the Dean of College.
  6. The Search Committee will:

  7. The Search Committee will have whatever powers as may be assigned by the Dean of the College and will be required to follow only those procedures which have been approved by the departmental faculty as described in Section IV.
  8. In the event that a member of the Search Committee becomes a potential candidate:
    1. he/she will resign from the Search Committee;
    2. the Search Committee will, without delay, notify the Nominating Committee which will convene and proceed to fill the vacancy in strict accordance with Section II;
    3. and, provided that Step IV.5 has not yet been reached, the search will resume;
    4. or, if Step IV.5 has been already reached, the name of the potential candidate will be submitted to the departmental faculty for majority approval.