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William Dennis, Emeritus
Biographical Information

Research Interests

My research group used both linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopic techniques to investigate many of the fundamental dynamical processes that occur in condensed matter systems such as laser crystals, phosphors and glasses. We developed novel techniques for investigating the dynamics of phonons in doped insulating materials and have used these techniques to study phonon-phonon, magnon-phonon and electron-phonon interactions an a variety of systems. Most recent work uses the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method to investigate the optical properties of nanomaterials, components and systems.
I retired from the University of Georgia on June 1, 2019.

Recent Publications

E. G. Suter, Mohua Bhattacharya, Steven P. Lewis, and  William M. Dennis "Effects of transition metal dopants on the electronic structure of potassium niobate" Journal of Applied Physics 131, 023102 (2022)

J. D. T. Heneghan and W. M. Dennis, "An investigation of the coupling of phonon-polaritons with plasmon-polaritons in hBN/nanopatterned Au layered devices," Journal of Applied Physics130, 193101 (2021)

Connor Skehan, Bin Ai, Steven R. Larson, Keenan M. Stone, William M. Dennis and Yiping Zhao, "Plasmonic and SERS performances of compound nanohole arrays fabricated by shadow sphere lithography," Nanotechnology29, 095301 (2018).

Whitney Ingram, Yizhuo He, Dexian Ye, Keenan Stone, William Dennis and Yiping Zhao, "Tuning the Plasmonic Properties of Silver Nanopatterns Fabricated by Shadow Nanosphere Lithography," Nanotechnology, 27, 385301 (2016).

L. Bruce Railsback, Honglin Xiao, Fuyuan Liang, Pete D. Akers, George A. Brook, William M. Dennis, Thomas E. Lanier, Ming Tan, Hai Cheng and R. Lawrence Edwards, "A stalagmite record of abrupt climate change and possible Westerlies-derived atmospheric precipitation during the Penultimate Glacial Maximum in northern China," Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 393, 30-44 (2013).

Wei Cao, Chunyuan Song, Thomas E. Lanier, Ranjan Singh, John F. O’Hara, William M. Dennis, Yiping Zhao and Weili Zhang, "Tailoring terahertz plasmons with silver nanorod arrays," Sci. Rep., 3, 1766 (2013).

Jitendra Singh, Thomas E. Lanier, Hao Zhu, William M. Dennis, Ralph Tripp and Yiping Zhao, "Highly Sensitive and Transparent Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates Made by Active Coldly Condensed Ag Nanorod Arrays"; Journal of Physical Chemistry, C 116, 20550–20557 (2012).

Jeremy R. Gulley, Sebastian W. Winkler, William M. Dennis, Carl M. Liebig and Razvan Stoian, "Interaction of ultrashort-laser pulses with induced-undercritical plasmas in fused silica," Phys. Rev., A 85, 013808 (2012).

Jeremy R. Gulley and William M. Dennis, "Ultrashort-pulse propagation through free-carrier plasmas," Phys. Rev., A 81, 033818 (2010).