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Uwe Happek, Professor of Physics
Biographical Information
Honors and Awards
  • Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ, 1997
  • Feodor-Lynen Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 1989

Research Interests

Our research is focused on experimental studies of dynamical processes in condensed matter. Current interests include charge transport in ferroelectric and photorefractive solids, energy transfer in luminescent materials, relaxation of molecular impurities, spectroscopy of semiconductors, and time-resolved x-ray scattering.

Collaborations exist with universities, National Laboratories and industry within the US and with research groups in The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and New Zealand.

Recent Publications

S. M. Loureiro, A. Setlur, W. Heward, S. Taylor, H. Comanzo, M. Monoharan, A. Srivastava, P. Schmidt, and U. Happek; First  observation of quantum splitting behavior in nanocrystalline SrAl12O19:Pr, Mg  phosphor. Chemistry of Materials 17(2005) 3108.

J.K. Krebs and U. Happek; Optical Spectroscopy of Trivalent Chromium in Sol-Gel Lithium Niobate. Applied Physics Letters 87, (2005) 251910. 

V. Venkatasamy, N. Jayajaru,  S.M. Cox, U. Happek, J.L. Stickney; Optimization of CdTe nanofilm formation by electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE). Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 36 (11) (2006) 1223.

D. Mihalcea, C.L. Bohn, U. Happek, and P. Piot; Lomgitudinal electron bunch diagnostic using coherent transition radiation. Phys. Rev., Accelerators and Beams 9 (8) (2006) 082801.

J. Grimm, J. Fleniken, K.W. Krämer, D.Biner, U. Happek, and H.U. Güdel; On the determination of photoionization thresholds of Ce3+ doped Cs3LuCl6, Cs2LiLuCl6 and Cs2LiYCl6 by thermoluminescence. Journal of Luminescence (2006).

U.Happek and G.M. Salley;  Photoionization  Energies of Cr3+ in LiNbO3. Journal of Luminescence 125 (2006) 104.

A.A. Setlur, A.M. Srivastava, H.L. Pham, M.E. Hannah, and U. Happek; Charge creation, trapping and long phosphorescence in Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu2+, RE3+. Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2008) 053153.

 ‪A.M. Srivastava, U. Happek, and P. Schmidt, Luminescence of LuCl3:Pr3+ under interconfigurational (4f2 ® 4f15d1) and band gap excitation . Optical Materials 31 (2008) 213.

A.A. Setlur, J.J. Shiang, and+ U. Happek; Eu2+ - Mn2+ phosphor saturation in 5 mm light emitting diode lamps.  Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008) 081104.

D.O. Banga, R. Vaidyanathan, L. Xuehai, J.L. Stickney, S. Cox, and U. Happek; Formation of PbTe nanofilms by electrochemical atomic layer deposition (ALD).Electrochimica Acta 53 (2008) 6988-6994.

A.A. Setlur, W.J. Heward, M.E. Hannah, and U. Happek; Incorporation of Si4+ - N3- into Ce3+ doped garnets for warm white LED phophors. Chem. Mater. 20 (2008) pp. 6277 - 6283.

A.M. Srivastava, A.A. Setlur, H.A Comanzo, M.E. Hannah, P.A. Schmidt, and U. Happek; Luminescence from the Pr3+ 4f15d1 and 1S0 states in LiLaP4O12. Journal of Luminescence 129 (2009) 126.

A.M. Srivastava,  J.S. Vartuli, S.J. Duclos, S.B. Chaney, P.A. Schmidt, and U. Happek; Luminescence Pr3+ doped  LuCl3 and LuBr3 under intraconfigurational (4f2> 4f15d1) and band gap excitation.  IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 56 (2009) 986.

‪U. Happek, A.A, Setlur, and J.J. Shiang; Inverse bottleneck in Eu2+ - Mn2+ energy transfer.  Journal of Luminescence 129 (2009) 1459 -1463.

‪A.M. Srivastava, H.A. Comanzo, S. Camardello, S.B. Chaney, M. Aycibin, and U. Happek; Unusual luminescence of octahedrally coordinated divalent europium in Cs2M2+P2O7 (M2+ = Sr, Ca). J. Lumin. 129 (2009) 919-925.

 A.A. Setlur, U. Happek;  Cerium luminescence in nd0 perovskites. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 183, (2010) 1127-1132.

A.M. Srivastava, S.J. Camardello, H.A. Comanzo, M. Aycibin, U. Happek;  Explanation for the variance of the Ce3+ emission energy in LnI3 [Ln = Lu3+, Y3+, Gd3+]. Optical Materials 32 (2010)  936-940.

A.A. Setlur, E.V. Radkov, C.S. Henderson, J.H. Her, A.M. Srivastava, N. Karkada, M.S. Kishore, N.P. Kumar, D. Aesram, A. Deshpande, B. Kolodin, L.S. Grigorov, and U. Happek; Energy-Efficient, High-Color-Rendering LED Lamps Using Oxyfluoride and Fluoride Phosphors. Chemistry of Materials 22 (2010) 4076-4082.