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Todd Baker, Emeritus

Biographical Information

Research Interests

Professor Baker's primary research interest is nuclear physics. His interests include direct reactions (primarily inelastic hadron scattering), nuclear shapes, nuclear models, scattering of polarized particles, coupled-channels studies, and description of the spin-isospin properties of the continuum. He has performed experiments at many accelerators including those at Los Alamos National Laboratory, TRIUMF in Canada, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Saturne in France, and Indiana University.

Recent Publications

F. T. Baker et al., "The nuclear spin response to intermediate energy protons and deuterons at low momentum transfer," Phys. Rep. 289 v.4&5, 235-382 (1997).

C. Djalali et al., "Isoscalar spin excitation in 90Zr and 208Pb," Phys. Rev. C 59, 118-128 (1999).

L. C. Alexa et al., "Measurements of the deuteron elastic structure function A(Q2 )for 0.7<Q2<6.0(GeV/c)2 at Jefferson Laboratory," Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 1374-1378 (1999).

F. T. Baker et al., "Spin excitations in the 40Ca(p,p') reaction revisited," Phys. Rev. C 61, 037302-1-4 (2000).