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Physics and Astronomy

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Tho Nguyen, Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My group is about Spintronics in π-conjugated organic semiconductor. We fabricate various organic spintronics devices such as organic spin valves, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic solar cells, spin-OLEDs and perform optical and magneto-electrical characterization of those devices. We optimize the device performance by investigating carrier-spin related interaction such as hyperfine interaction and spin-orbit interaction in the organic semiconductor. We possess various optical experiments to characterize the π-conjugated semiconductor thin films and devices such as photocurrent, photo- and electro-luminescence, photo- and charge-induced absorption. 


Recent Publications

T. D. Nguyen, E. Ehrenfreund and Z. V. Vardeny, “Spin-polarized organic light emitting diode based on a novel bipolar spin-valve” Science 337, 204 (2012)

B. R. Gautam, T. D. Nguyen, E. Ehrenfreund and Z. V. Vardeny, “ Magnetic field effect on excited-state spectroscopies of  π-conjugated polymer films”, Phys. Rev. B 85 205207, (2012)

T. D. Nguyen, B.R.Gautam, E. Ehrenfreund and Z. V. Vardeny, “Magnetoconductance response in unipolar and bipolar organic diodes at ultrasmall fields”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 166804 (2010)

T. D. Nguyen, G. Hukic-Markosian, F. Wang, L. Wojcik, Xiao-Guang Li, E. Ehrenfreund and Z. V. Vardeny, “Isotope effect in spin response of π-conjugated polymer films and devices”, Nature Materials 9, 345-352 (2010)

T. D. Nguyen, J. Rybicki, Y. Sheng and  M. Wohlgenannt, “Device-spectroscopy  of magnetic field effects in a polyfluorene organic light-emitting diode”, Phys. Rev. B , 77, 035210 (2008)

P. A. Bobbert, T. D. Nguyen, F. W.A. Van Oost, B. Koopmans and M. Wohlgenannt, “Bipolaron mechanism for organic magnetoresistance”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 216801 (2007)