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Scott Shaw, Emeritus
Biographical Information

Research Interests

Binary stars are the means to determine the fundamental properties of all stars. In addition they exhibit a wide variety of activity and evolution scenarios. Of particular interest is the class of Near-Contact Binary (NCB) stars. My current research has concentrated on discovering characteristics of this group, investigating phenomena common to the group's members and placing the NCB's in a proper evolutionary scheme. My research on binary stars has ranged from many ground-based telescopes to the IUE and ROSAT space observatories. Most recently we have used the SARA 0.9m telescope to search for eclipsing binary stars and other variable stars in old open clusters. This will provide fundamental astrophysical information of the clusters and on the types of close binaries that are discovered.

Recent Publications

J. S. Shaw, J.-P. Caillault, and J.H.M.M. Schmitt, "Near-contact binary systems in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey," Ap. J. 461, 961 (1996).


J. Chuta and J.S. Shaw, "A search for short-period variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC7092 (M39)," I.A.P.P.P. Communications, No.66, p8-13 (1997).


J.S. Shaw, T. Ragona, and G. McCook, "A Preliminary Solution for the Eclipsing Binary RZ Draconis," I.A.P.P.P. Communications, No.73, p117-121 (1998).


J.S. Shaw and E. Smith, "Coronal Activity in Near Contact Binaries," 1999 Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics (in press).