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Richard Meltzer, Emeritus
Biographical Information

Research Interests

Current research interests are focused on the high energy excited states of ions in solids, especially rare earth ions. The main objective is the development of new phosphors with improved efficiency which can be applied in mercury-free fluorescent lamps and in plasma displays. These phosphors are excited in the vacuum ultraviolet and emit two (or more) photons for each input photon and are referred to as quantum cutting phosphors. In addition, research activity continues on the optical dynamical properties of rare earth-doped nanoparticles.

Recent Publications

Gatch, D.B., Boye, D.M., Shen, Y.R., Grinberg, M., Yen, Y.M., Meltzer, R.S., "Pressure dependence of the impurity-trapped exciton emission in BaF2:Eu and BaxSr1-xF2:Eu",  Physical Review B - 74 (8), in press (2006).


Feofilov, S.P., Zhou, Y., Seo, H.J., Jeong, J.Y., Keszler, D.A., Meltzer, R.S., "Host sensitization of Gd3+ ions in yttrium and scandium borates and phosphates: Application to quantum cutting", Physical Review B - 74 (8), art. no. 085101, (2006).


Wang, J.W., Turos-Matysiak, R., Grinberg, M., Yen, W.M., Meltzer, R.S., "Mixing of the f2(1S0) and 4f5d states of Pr3+ in BaSO4 under high pressure"  J. Luminescence 119-120 (SPEC. ISS.), pp. 473-477 (2006).


Zhou, Y., Feofilov, S.P., Jeong, J.Y., Keszler, D.A., Meltzer, R.S., "Quantum cutting in GdxY1-xLiF 4: Nd - Dynamics and mechanisms",  J. Luminescence 119-120 (SPEC. ISS.), pp. 264-270 (2006).


Meltzer, R.S., Zheng, H., Wang, J.W., Yen, W.M., Grinberg, M., "Pressure dependence of the 4f1 5d1→4f2 emission of Pr3+:YAG using excited state absorption", Physica Status Solidi C: Conferences 2 (1), pp. 284-288 (2005).


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