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Nandana Weliweriya, Assistant Professor-Limited Term

Research Interests

Research (Physics Education Research)

I am interested in understanding students' processes of problem-solving. In particular, how students construct and coordinate among (use) representations (diagrams, mathematics, gestures ...) while solving physics problems. 




Ph.D. Kansas State University, 2019

M.S.  Kansas State University, 2015

B.Sc. University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2011

Recent Publications

1. Weliweriya, N. (2019). Investigating students’ use of mathematical tools and representations in undergraduate physics problem-solving (Doctoral dissertation -


2. Weliweriya, N., Sayre, E. C., & Zollman, D. (2018). Case study: Coordinating among multiple semiotic resources to solve complex physics problems. European Journal of Physics. (doi:10.1088/1361-6404/aaf5d5)


3. Weliweriya, N., Huynh, T., & Sayre, E. C. Standing fast: Translation among durable representations using evanescent representations in upper-division problem solving (accepted by PERC proceedings 2017- doi:10.1119/


4. Weliweriya, N., Sayre, E. C., & Zollman, D. A. (2018). The Effectiveness of “Pencasts” in Physics Courses. The Physics Teacher,56(3), 161-164. (doi:10.1119/1.5025294)


5. Weliweriya, N., Zwolak, J., P., Sayre, E. C., & Zollman, D. A. Varied reasoning schema in students’ written solutions. (


6. Weliweriya, N. (2015). Effect of visual cues and outcome feedback on physics problem-solving in an online system (M.S. thesis -


7. N Jayashantha, K D Jayasuriya and R P Wijesundera (2012). Biodegradable Plantain Pith for Galvanic Cells, Proc. 28th Tech. Sess. Inst. Phys., Sri Lanka, pp. 92-99 (


8. Nandana Jayashantha, R P Wijesundera, and K D Jayasuriya (2011). Electrical Batteries from Plantain Pith, Proc. 12th Annual Research Symp. 2011, University of Kelaniya, p 71