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Michael Geller, Professor of Physics

Biographical Information
Honors and Awards
  • UGA Creative Research Medal, 2006
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2001-2006
  • Cottrell Scholars Award, 2000
  • Research Innovation Award, 1999
  • Sarah Moss Fellowship, 1998

Research Interests

We are interested in several aspects of quantum computation, especially near-term approaches that do not require the overhead of full error correction. See our group webpage for further information.

Recent Publications

"Fusing the single-excitation subspace with C^(2^n)", M. R. Geller, Scientific Reports 11, 402 (2021).

"Rigorous measurement error correction", M. R. Geller, Quantum Science and Technology 5, 03LT01 (2020).

"Toward prethreshold gate-based quantum simulation of chemical dynamics: Using potential energy surfaces to simulate few-channel molecular collisions", A. T. Sornborger, P. C. Stancil, and M. R. Geller, Quantum Information Processing 17, 106 (2018).

"Sampling and scrambling on a chain of superconducting qubits", M. R. Geller, Physical Review Applied 10, 024052 (2018).

"Decoherence and interferometric sensitivity of boson sampling in superconducting resonator networks", S. Goldstein, S. Korenblit, Y. Bendor, H. You, M. R. Geller, and N. Katz, Physical Review B 95, 020502 (2017).

"Logical error rate in the Pauli twirling approximation", A. Katabarwa and M. R. Geller, Scientific Reports 5, 14670 (2015).

"Three-step implementation of any nxn unitary with a complete graph of n qubits", A. Katabarwa and M. R. Geller, Physical Review A 92, 032306 (2015).

"Universal quantum simulation with prethreshold superconducting qubits: Single excitation subspace method", M. R. Geller, J. M. Martinis, A. T. Sornborger, P. C. Stancil, E. J. Pritchett, H. You, and A. Galiautdinov, Physical Review A 91, 062309 (2015).

"Tunable coupler for superconducting Xmon qubits: Perturbative nonlinear model", M. R. Geller, E. Donate, Y. Chen, M. T. Fang, N. Leung, C. Neill, P. Roushan, and J. M. Martinis, Physical Review A 92, 012320 (2015).

"Qubit architecture with high coherence and fast tunable coupling", Yu Chen, C. Neill, P. Roushan, N. Leung, M. Fang, R. Barends, J. Kelly, B. Campbell, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, E. Jeffrey, A. Megrant, J. Y. Mutus, P. J. J. O' Malley, C. M. Quintana, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, M. R. Geller, A. N. Cleland, and J. M. Martinis, Physical Review Letters 113, 220502 (2014).

"Fast adiabatic qubit gates using only z control", J. M. Martinis and M. R. Geller, Physical Review A 90, 022307 (2014).