End-of-chapter problems from Chabay and Sherwood, 4th ed. (for a grade)

EOC 1. Chapter 1: P15, P23, P31, P37, P41, P51, P59, and P63. Due Tues, Jan. 24, 4:30pm.

Corrections: P15, (f) <-3,4,0>, (g) False; P63, 3.54e-17 kg m/s

EOC 2. Chapter 2: P9, P15, P17, P21, P29, P35, P37, and P41. Due Thurs. Feb. 9, 4:30pm (extended).

Corrections: P21, <0.15, 2.18, 0> m, <3, 3.51,0> m/s, <0.3, 2.33, 0> m, <3, 3.02, 0> m/s, <0.45, 2.46, 0> m, <3, 2.53, 0> m/s; P41, 13 cm.

EOC 3. Chapter 3: P11, P23, P27, P39, P43, P47, and P55. Due: Monday Feb. 20, 4:30pm. (extended)

Corrections: P11, 3F/16.

EOC 4. Chapter 4, part I: P23, P27, P31, P43, and P45. Due: Friday Feb. 24.

Corrections: P23(b) 8.21e24 atoms.

EOC 5, Chapter 4, part II: P51, P53, P55, P57, and P61. Due: Thursday March 16, 4:30pm

EOC 6, Chapter 5: P11, P21, P23, P25, P27, P31, P39, P47, P49, and P51. Due: Wed. March 22, 4:30pm

Corrections: P39, 6.68e15 kg; P51, 1.64 m/s.

EOC 7,  Chapter 6: P13, P25, P29, P31, P39, P42, P45, P48, P51, P59, P69, P71, P73, and P75. Due: Wed. April 5, 4:30pm. (extended)

Corrections: P13(c) 1.48e-8 J, (d) B; P29, 66 J; P59(b) 2829 m/s. Also, P42, 6.4e-9 J, 2.13e-17 kg m/s, c, 2.13e-5 s; P48(a) 8.3782e-13 J, (b)1.4e-14 J, 8.24e-13 J.

EOC 8: Chapter 7: P17, P21, P25, P26, and P33. Due: the week after test 3.

EOC 9: Chapter 8: P9, P11, P18, P23, P24, and P26. Due: TBD

Even: P18(b) 2.3 eV, (c) 0.3 eV, 0.9 eV, etc. (d)> 0; P24, 0.51 eV.

Corrections: P9, 3.4 eV.

Chapter 9: P13, P19, P27, P33, and P35. Due: TBD

Chapter 10: P15, P17, and P21. Due: TBD

Corrections: P17(b), -3.7e6 J; P21(b), <2.82, 0, 17.59> m/s

Chapter 11: P13, P15, P19, P27, P32, P43, and P46. Due: TBD

LON-CAPA (for a grade)

HW 1. Available, 6pm Jan. 9. Due 9pm, Wednesday, Jan. 18.

HW 2. Available, 6pm Jan. 19. Due 11pm, Wednesday, Jan. 25.

HW 3. Availabl, 9pm Jan. 25. Due: 9pm, Tuesday, Jan. 31.

HW 4: Available, 11pm Feb. 7. Due: 9pm, Wednesday, Feb. 22. (extended)

HW 5: Available 9pm March 13. Due: 9pm March 20.

HW 6: Available 11pm March 20. Due 9pm March 27.

HW 6: Available 3pm April 1. Due 9pm April 6.

Extra questions from Chabay and Sherwood, 4th ed. (not for a grade)

Chapter 1: Q1 and Q3.

Chapter 2: Q2, Q3, and Q6.

Chapter 3: Q1, Q4, and Q6.

Chapter 4: Q1, Q7,  and Q13.

Chapter 5: Q1 and Q4.

Chapter 6: Q2, Q5, and Q7.

Chapter 7: Q1, Q3, Q6, and Q13.

Chapter 8: Q1, Q3, and Q5.

Chapter 9: Q2 and Q4.

Chapter 10: Q2, Q5, and Q9.

Chapter 11: Q1, Q6, and Q8.