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Doctoral student wins Materials Research Society Silver Award

December 13, 2016

Kun Wang is the first UGA student to receive the prestigious MRS research award.

Graduate Student Kun Wang

Kun Wang, a doctoral student in department of physics and astronomy in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia, received a Materials Research Society (MRS) graduate student award for research he presented at the recent 2016 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.

Wang won the award for his work on designing molecular-scale electronics, research that could pave the way toward smaller and more powerful electronic devices. Working with his faculty adviser, Binqian Xu, a professor in the College of Engineering, and a team of other researchers, Wang helped investigate the use of single DNA-based molecules as a replacement for conventional electronic diodes. The team’s research was published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

"It’s a great honor, especially to be the first student from UGA to receive the award," said Wang. "I was surprised to be selected as a finalist because I was competing with some very talented student researchers."

Read the full post on the UGA College of Engineering site.


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