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A Cover Publication by Prof. Yiping Zhao's Group and Collaborators

January 14, 2019

In the new issue of Advanced Biosystems, the work done by Prof. Yiping Zhao’s group and collaborators is featured as a cover.

This paper demonstrates a unique non‐contact single cell manipulation technique based on the actuation of magnetic nanorods or clusters by non‐uniform alternating magnetic fields. This single cell manipulation system is simple, involves low costs and power consumption, and helps advance the progress of single‐particle manipulation. The work was led by two former PhD students, Drs. Lu Zhu and Weijie Huang, from Prof. Yiping Zhao’s research group. Major collaborators are Prof. John Yu from UGA College of Public Health, Prof. Leidong Mao from UGA College of Engineering, and Prof. Rui Qiao from Virginia Tech.

The paper is available at



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