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Undergraduate Program

Introduction to our Undergraduate Program

At the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Georgia, we prepare our students for careers in today's technological society in a number of ways. First, we offer a curriculum of physics courses that provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of physics and supply a foundation for further study in almost any science discipline. Second, we emphasize problem solving techniques, which are valuable in any career, in both our lecture and laboratory courses. Finally, we work with you to help tailor your program to match your post-baccalaureate career plans. We offer major programs in Physics as well as in Physics and Astronomy, and each major program has an associated minor program. Double-major programs are also available.

You might wonder "what can I do with a physics degree?" or "how much money will I make?" or "what courses should I take?," or even "is physics really for me?" The following links might provide some answers to these sorts of questions:

Our Department has 22 faculty members who conduct experimental, theoretical, and simulational research in condensed-matter physics, astronomy and astrophysics, nanotechnology, atomic and molecular physics, optics, nuclear physics, and physics education.  Much of the research is conducted on-campus, and several undergraduates participate each year.

For more information on the undergraduate Physics program at UGA, contact Professor Benjamin Cooley.

For more information on the undergraduate Physics and Astronomy program at UGA, contact Professor J.-P. Caillault.

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