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Graduate Program Application

Application to Graduate Program

Students are accepted only for the fall semester start because of the structure of our core curriculum. We accept an applicant to begin in the spring semester only in rare occasions.

Application Package

Transcript, 3 letters, GRE score, essay. (TOEFL score for international students)


To receive full consideration, applications should be submitted by January 15th, but applications will continue to be accepted after this date. On occasion, UGA’s Graduate School provides fellowships to high ranking students. Students who are interested in being considered for such fellowships should send in their applications for our graduate program by January 1 in order to meet the fellowship deadline.

Teaching Assistantship

In general, all admitted students will have guaranteed support (either by TA or RA) for the first 1.5 years. The Department of Physics and Astronomy also offers the Shealy Fellowship to high ranking student. See the Teaching Assistantship Policy for more info.

Application Website

Click for the graduate program application site.

More Detailed Information

For more detailed information about the application process and requirements, please read "Admissions Requirements" on the side-menu. If you still have a question after reading it, contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Kanzo Nakayama (