Famous Milan Players from the Past

Many thanks to Italo Cucci of Il Guerin Sportivo (GS) for permission to use some of their images...

Gunnar Nordahl Page 1

Nordahl is Milan's alltime leading scorer with 210 goals for the rossoneri. His total of 225 Serie A goals in 291 games is the second most of alltime and his scoring rate (0.773 goals per game) is the highest in Serie A history for players who have scored at least 100 goals. Page 2

The GRENOLI Page 3

The famous "GRENOLI", Milan's greatest forward line. The word GRE-NO-LI is a contraction of the names of the three Swedish players: Gunnar GREn, Gunnar NOrdahl, and Nils LIedholm.

Gianni Rivera Page 4 Page 5

Juan Alberto Schiaffino & Rivera Page 6

Jose Altafini & Amarildo Page 7

Walter Novellino standing over Marco Tardelli in 1979 - cover of GS #41, 1979 Page 8

Novellino a few years later - cover of GS #25, 1981 Page 9

Franco Baresi threatening Alessandro Altobelli - cover of GS #11, 1985 Page 10

Jean-Pierre Papin - cover of GS #31, 1992 Page 11

Team Photo - 1969 Page 12

Note the European Champions Cup won at the expense of Ajax (4-1 in Madrid).

Pietro Paolo Virdis as "Peter the Great" - cover of GS #45, 1986 Page 13

Virdis as a Juventus player. Notice a young Tassotti and Ruben Buriani marking him - cover of GS #41, 1981 Page 14

Virdis again as a Juventus player, this time marked by Collovati - cover of GS #10, 1979 Page 15

Milan winning their 12th league title - cover of GS #20, 1992 Page 16

Nils Liedholm as coach with Mark Hateley and Ray Wilkins - cover of GS #31, 1984 Page 17

The latest superstar for A.C. Milan: Andriy Shevchenko - cover of GS #30, 1999 Page 18

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