Pseudoscience and the Denial Communities


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Here is a list (not complete) of pseudoscience:


1.     Astrology

2.     Homeopathic medicine

3.     Psychic phenomena - precognition, telepathy, telekinetics

4.     UFOlogy

5.     Dowsing


Related to pseudoscience are the denial groups

6.      The holocaust

7.     Climate change

8.      Vaccine safety


Read the lists and if you don't have a general idea of what each is look it up.  Now ask yourself if you believe any of 1 through 5 or agree with members of groups 6-8.  Think about WHY or WHY NOT.  This is a question not to probe how many arguments you can bring to the table (although you might think of a few for our class discussion), but rather how you came to your belief.  For example, who formed your attitudes: your parents, your peers, teachers, the media, the web?

Do you have a friend or family member who believes in a pseudoscience?  How would you approach them about their belief?  Is it just harmless to let them believe what ever they wish?


Look at all the links quickly and use them more thoroughly if you need to.




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