Class Journal



At the end of each class I will allow time for you to submit a one paragraph summary about what you learned.  Comment about what happened.  This could be a simple as saying that you learned absolutely nothing because every presenter mumbled, to describing an exciting new concept that you understood for the first time because the discussion was so lively that it blew your mind. Usually I will ask for a few specific things for you to address as well as your general comments.

Write the entry for yourself, primarily, but write completely enough that it could be e-mailed to a friend or parent if they asked what did you did in class today. (Remember those questions you always were asked by your parents when you got home from school?)

If you bring a computer to class, you can e-mail this into me immediately.  If you prefer to do it by hand, you need to transcribe it into an e-mail and send it to me by midnight on the day of the class.


The daily journal is different than the 'written summaries' of the presentations.


Semester Summary submitted electronically by December 4 (3 points)


Save all your journal entries.  Save all your written summaries.  At the end of term, read them all, front to back.  Then write a short summary of what went well in the class and what could be improved about your performance and about the course in general.  If you want to reference a particular, talk, website, idea, etc. that you encountered during the term, that would be nice.