Individual Topics Schedule


Note: Talks must be 9 minutes

With class from 11 until 12:15 there are only 75 minutes so: 50 -60 minutes of talks, plus questions, plus journaling, makes us tight on time.

Again, send me your talk so I can put it on the computer.  Remember what you have learned: Practice, try not to read off slides or your notes, talk to your audience, teach the material.



Oct 17

Black holes - theory [SAHIL]

Black holes - observations [ALEX K]

Quasars [MARK]

String Theory  [KATELIN]

The arrow of time [ROSIE]



Oct 24

Quantum mechanics [JAMES]

Exoplanets: planetary properties [EVA]

Stellar Death -Supernovae  [CONOR]

Neutron Stars/Pulsars [WILL]

Gamma Ray Bursters [BROOKE]



Oct 31


Dark Matter: [ARUSHI]

Dark Energy [HEATHER]

The Big Bang [ALEX D]

Formation of the First Stars [SELLARS]

Dwarf Galaxies [MEGHAN]

Binary Stars -Cataclysmic Variables [JACK]