Group Talk Schedule



Group 5  Meghan, Sahil


What is their nature?  How do their appearances change as the orbit the Sun.  How were they formed?

What has NASA taught us about them?


Group 4 Katelin, Jack

Jupiter and Saturn What are their interiors like? How do they differ and why?  What with all those clouds? How did they get rings?

What has NASA taught us about them?




Group 3  Brooke, Alex D, William

Origin of our solar system.

Include how the sun was formed, then proceed to how our protoplanetary disk made our planets, asteroids, comets, etc.


Group 1 Conor, Heather, James

Stellar formation

How do stars form from the interstellar material (ISM)? What keeps them from becoming brown dwarfs or planets?  What is a protostar? Have we seen any?




Group 2 Mark, Rosie, Eva

General Stellar Evolution

Why do stars evolve?  How do we see that evolution?

How do stars change H into He? Why is this in the center of stars?  Can you make other elements? How?  Why is this so difficult? Hydrostatic equilibrium and why stars stay in balance

Why don’t stars blow apart, usually? How does changing the mass of a star change its balance? Why do stars evolve from the Main Sequence?



Group 6, Arushi, Alex K, Sellars


What types of galaxies are out there?  How do they form?  Why are there different types?  Which type is the Milky Way?