Short Talks in Groups


The groups are listed at the bottom. Your group will have 20 minutes to talk followed by 5 minutes of questions. You can send anything to be displayed to me or you can bring your own computer.  If you use your own computer you need to try it out with my projector.


Get together electronically or some way and discuss what you are going to do!!  You will very likely need a meeting to sort everything out and then one more to smooth the talk out so that is flows from one person to another.  Everyone gets to talk!  Don’t fight about who gets the spotlight. Spend some time teaching each other everything you learned so that when you get questions all of you know what is being asked.  Pool all your figures, graphs, media onto ONE computer (although you might duplicate it on a backup computer in case the projector does not like your computer) so you don’t have to switch back and forth during the presentation.


You should aim to get with your group by the Sunday night before your presentation and send me an outline or a .ppt file and a list of the resources that you used.  Include whether you are using your own computer or mine.  If you use mine, have a thumb drive or mail what you want by Sunday. (Occasionally there are problems with my computer playing nice with your materials and I would like a full day to work that out.)


Each of your talks should be a ‘story’.  It should contain the physics that explains how and why the story is a correct one and it should contain some observations, i.e. data that support the correctness of the story.  Pretend you are telling a friend or roommate the story and they keep interrupting by saying “ I don’t believe that could happen, it is just too outrageous”.  So you have to point to data and/or use logical reasoning to convince them.


If you can’t find an explanation of the physics you can e-mail me.


As usual, those of you presenting will be asked to write self-evaluation on your own talk [but NOT the other talk on your day].


Those of you NOT presenting will be asked to write and email me a summary of each talk with a comment on the talks you have heard.



After this presentation each group will be asked one question to submit a written answer for one bonus point






1                                                          2                                                           3

Conor                                                  Mark                                                    Brooke

Heather                                             Rosie                                                   Alex D

James                                                 Eva                                                       William


4                                                          5                                                           6

Katelin                                               Meghan                                              Arushi

Jack                                                     Sahil                                                    Alex K