The following decodes your grades


 The daily journal counts .2 each day and is noted JDate depending on the day.


[xxx] is the header for the grade


Return Introductory Questionnaire on time (1) [Quest]


If you got more than the allotted points it means you did an outstanding job. Fewer points meant you were late or did a poor job or both.



Total  is the total number of points you have at this point.




Graded on in-class (amount)

Graded on written (amount)

Aug 14

2 minute Talk (Personal)

Participation (2) [2minTalk]


3 minute Talk (Astronomy)

Participation (2)


Topic Choice on time (.5) [3mintopic]

Picture on time (.5) [3minpic]

Aug 28

Pseudoscience discussion

Discussion (2) [PseudoS]

Sept 4

Gravity, General Relativity

Discussion and Response (2) [GGRBH]


Sept  11,18

Group presentations

Presentation (2)


Written Summary and comment (1) [GSum]