Group study of Cosmology


The beginning is a list of readings to let you learn about the origins of the universe.  After that you will answer 6 general questions and bring those answers to class. They do not have to be written down since your submitted work will be a small group effort.  You can write them down if you wish on a hard copy.

In class you will get together in small groups and come to a consensus on the answers to your questions. In addition each group will be given 1 or 2 new questions to discuss and write answers to while in class. When a consensus is reached you submit the group answer. During class ONLY one computer will be allowed and it will be used only for recording the answers and sending them to me.  This will allow the answers to be your work not copied from the Internet.


NOTE: as much fun as multiverses are, we will focus on our one observable universe.  We will also not concern ourselves with the creation event (if there was one), Brane collision, bubbles, etc.


To be read [you can read other material as you wish]




This also is a course outline but more detailed


Here is more. Look at one level down in each of the six links in the text.


Two lecture outlines from Arizona  1  2


The material in the links above has some duplication but one alone does not cover everything.  By the time you read the last one you should understand it very well.  Leave yourself plenty of time to ponder on all of this.


And the latest from Planck


Inflation via flux tubes



General questions:


What is the Hubble Law and what does it say about the Universe?


How old is the universe?


What is the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) and what does it tell us about the early universe? How and when is the CBR produced?


What is inflation and how is it different from the current expansion? What did it do to the curvature of space? What determines the curvature of space? How do flux tube knots explain inflation?


How are the primordial elements, H and He, formed?


How do Dark Matter and Dark Energy affect the Large Scale Structure of the Universe?


Give an outline of what happened in the universe from 10-45 sec until the CBR was produced. Include changing temperature, density and what types of particles were common.


What is the future of the Universe?