Astronomy 3-minute Talk Help


OK, you have picked your topic and sent me your choice.  Then you have read the original article.  If there are other articles linked from the original you have read them. You have looked up all the unfamiliar terms. If you have a term you don't know the pronunciation of, such as a name, try this link.


You now have an idea of what picture you want to show, usually the one in the article.  But before you email it to me check to see how it is going to look when you project it.  Your computer file manager should display the size of the picture in pixels, e.g. 'Dimension 340x700'.  You want something in the 1000+ range in the smallest dimension. The more pixels the better until you get to 10,000x10,000, which will display slowly, but look great. If your article only has a small picture, how do you get a larger one? First, see if you can get the original article from another source such as the press release from the original authors.  Search by author or agency- like NASA.  NASA, JPL and other space agencies almost always link a variety of sizes of pictures for each of their articles.  Pick the big one.


That did not work?  Google 'images' and search for your image. When you scroll over the image it will tell you the dimensions. DonŐt load directly from the Google page. Visit the original page and download it from there.


Send the image to me! By Sunday!


Outline your talk. Look carefully at your picture. Is there anything on it you can't explain?


Practice your talk and time it. You can go short, but don't go long.


Remember, you can read off an outline to keep yourself on track, but you can't read the entire talk!   You want to talk directly to the class, which means you need to have enough of the material in your mind to not look at your notes