Three-minute talk plus Questions and Answers


On Aug 21 you will do a 3-minute talk where you will show something that tells the class about an astronomy topic that is of interest to you.  Since you can't bring a star or galaxy or black hole into class, you need to send me ONE picture or short video (< 10 sec) as something you can talk about.  You must pick a topic from this list. After you pick one from that list find ONE MORE article about the topic. By Friday night Aug 17 choose your topic. It is first come first served so I will post what is being talked about here.  If you duplicate some one else’s, I will tell you to pick another. By SUNDAY NIGHT Aug 19 attach the picture or video you wish to show to an e-mail and send it to me. I need it by then to make sure it will be informative to the class and to load it on to my computer for Tuesday.


Both Friday and Sunday are deadlines with points attached.


When you are called on, your picture or video will be shown, then you have no more than 3 minutes to make your point about why your topic was so interesting. Then the class can ask you questions. So prepare to field a question or two.


If you run onto unfamiliar scientific terms or concepts, be sure to look them up and figure them out.  For example, if your article talks about a gravitational lens you had better be able to explain the physics that causes gravitational lensing.  If you hit a strange name or term that you can't pronounce include that in your email to me.

You might also read any links in the article and see if you can find a version of the article from its source- like NASA.


Finally  READ the HINTS


Questions?  E-mail me.