Your first assignment in How to Talk about the Universe


Introduce Yourself


On August 14, the first day of class, I will introduce the class.  Each of you will be expected to introduce yourself and talk for 2 minutes about something that you are proud of.  Say why you are proud of it and (since we are a science class) give some evidence.


As an example: Far back in history, last century, when I was a freshman in college, I would have said how much I enjoyed arguing and how that led to me being a mainstay of our high school debate team. We even won a state championship so we must have been rather good. I am still proud that I can hold my own in most arguments.


After your two minutes (which will be timed) the class will encouraged to ask a question or two.  This is a practice run in the ‘How to Talk’ part of the course.  Starting the second week of class your talks will be about something you have learned about astronomy.  If you have trouble talking in front of an audience, I suggest practicing in front of a friend.  Make sure you do not run over 2 minutes.


Questions?  E-mail me.  See you Tuesday, August 14.