Welcome to How to Talk About the Universe

Fall 2019

revised October 16, 2019

The course email address is at astrfyos19@gmail.com    DO NOT USE eLC for emails.

The place to check for grades and information is eLC. I will post at least an announcement per week there.

Contact me at jsshaw@uga.edu or in person at 305B Physics

My homepage is www.physast.uga.edu/~jss   [You are looking at the class homepage]


More Course Information

2 minute introductory talk.  First day of class Aug 20.

3 Minute Talk  Aug 27   and some help for it


Gravity, General Relativity and Black Holes

Group Talks

Future Plans

Individual project   Topic choice due Oct 1  First draft due Oct 7 

Review Process and Review Groups    Oct 8

Individual Topics Schedule   revised


Extraterrestrial Life


Quick Tutorial on Light


Some interesting links

A daily pretty picture from NASA