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Physics and Astronomy

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Spring 2018 Tutors

The following students will tutor for a fee.

Name Contact Info Help Offered
Alfred Farris  PHYS 1111, PHYS 1211, PHYS 1251  
Kellan Gibson  PHYS 1111, PHYS 1211, PHYS 1112, PHYS 1212  
Dermot Heneghan  All PHYS Classes 
Antonio Mantica  All Undergrad PHYS classes 
Shahab Razavi  All PHYS classes, All ASTR classes 
Lauren Sgro  All Undergrad ASTR classes 
Learnmore  Shenje  All Undergrad PHYS classes 
Keenan Stone  All Undergrad PHYS classes 
Jiahao Xu  PHYS 1111, PHYS 1112, PHYS 1211, PHYS 1212  

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