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Kronos is a series of python and fortran codes utilizing a comprehensive charge exchange database at its backbone to generate theoretical line ratios and spectra for many single electron capture systems. Kronos is 1) easy to use, 2) allows for the user to specify a variety of input parameters of interest, 3) is quick, and 4) above all, contains a fully accessible and comprehensive database of single electron capture cross sections for many projectile ion/ neutral target pairs at a wide variety of collision energies.  The majority of these data are obtained via MCLZ calculations as described in Mullen et al. (2016) and Lyons et al. (2017, submitted).  For several collision systems, more accurate data (QMOCC, MOCC, AOCC, CTMC, and/or recommended cross sections) are available.  All of these atomic data are continuously being updated and improved.  For some users, Kronos may never be run and it serves the sole purpose of acting as a stand-alone charge exchange cross section database. For a glimpse into what Kronos can do, see Cumbee et al. 2016 and Mullen et al. (2017, accepted).

Link to Download: Kronos v3.1