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Welcome to the research site for the quantum Simulation with the Single Excitation Subspace (SES) Method

The SES method is an approach to general purpose quantum computing that is practical now and does not require error correction. It is not intended as a replacement for large-scale error-corrected universal quantum computation, but is able to implement larger problem sizes than the standard gate model with today’s “prethreshold” qubits. The method includes 
both a specific hardware design, namely a complete graph (fully connected array) of superconducting qubits with tunable coupling, and a method of operation.
The objective of the SES method is to make practical quantum computation possible before the arrival of an error-corrected quantum computer. We are especially interested in applications where the SES method is as fast as a traditional supercomputer, or perhaps faster. Please refer to our papers for detailed discussions of the method and its applications.


Funding from the National Science Foundation Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (Grant DMR-1029764) and Physics at the Information Frontier (PHYS-0939853) Programs.