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PHYS 8900 Superconductivity

This is a prep page for the upcoming PHYS8900 "Superconductivity (and superfluidity)" class scheduled for SPRING 2019.

Main texts (NOT the ones to be used in actual class):

1) A. V. Svidzinsky, "Spatially-inhomogeneous problems in the theory of superconductivity," in Russian (Nauka, 1982)
Useful texts:
Pre-reqs: ideally, path integrals and second quantization. So if you took QM with Mike Geller and Stat. Mech. with Michael Bachmann, you should be fine. If not, read the relevant sections in Feynman's "Statistical mechanics" (3-4 evenings max.)
AG's NOTES, various useful stuff (Jan. 2018):
SC03: The Density Matrix (brief intro, following Feynman's "SM")
SC04: Poisson integral and diffusion equation (to be used in the path integral formulation of the partition function for superconductors)
SC05: Partition function (path integral formulation, again following Feynman - to be added)
Research projects (just in case):
1. TBD
2. TBD

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