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PHYS 8990 Topic

Hadron dynamics and its structure

Kanzo Nakayama

Hadronic physics is currently a major fundamental area of research in Nuclear/Elementary Particle physics. In fact, a large part of the Nuclear/Elementary Particle physics community worldwide is currently trying to understand the structure of hadrons and their dynamics in terms of the basic degrees of freedom of Quantum Chromodynamics, the fundamental theory of strongly interacting particles. This type of study has been made especially timely with the advent of a new generation of particle accelerators such as the one at Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory. Thus, the participating student will be exposed to one of the cutting-edge research topics in the area of Hadron physics. The student will learn the basic concepts of the theory of strongly interacting particles as well as calculational techniques in order to compare theoretical predictions with experimental data. This will provide the student a taste as to how research in the area of theoretical hadronic physics is done. 

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