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Inseok Song, Associate Professor of Astronomy
Biographical Information
Honors and Awards
  • Newcomb Cleveland Prize (AAAS), 2009

Research Interests

Are we alone in the Universe?, How did our Solar System start?

I am working toward the answer to these questions via my various research projects. More specifically, I am interested in direct imaging detection of extra-solar planets, origins of Solar System, and young stars in the solar neighborhood.

Recently, I have been working on stars with extremely large amount of dust particles (over million times more dust particles than in our Solar System). The huge amount of warm dust around these stars (e.g., BD+20 307 and HD 23514) is only explained by recent huge collisions between planetesimals or planets which is similar to the one that created the Earth-Moon system in our Solar system about 4 billion years ago.

For more details on my research projects, please see my homepage.

Recent Publications

Selected Publications

T. Hearty, Inseok Song, Sam Kim, and G. Tinetti, "A Library of Whole Earth Infrared Spectra with AIRS", 2008, ApJ, in press.

B. Zuckerman, C. Melis, Inseok Song et al., "Gas and Dust Associated with the Strange, Isolated, Star BP Piscium", 2008, ApJ, 683, 1085

J. Rhee, Inseok Song, and B. Zuckerman, "Warm Dust in the Terrestrial planet zone of a Sun-like Pleiad: Collisions between planetary embryos?", 2008, ApJ, 675, 777

Inseok Song, et al., "HST NICMOS Imaging of Planetary-mass Companion to the Young Brown Dwarf 2MASSWJ 1207334-393254”, 2006, ApJ, 652, 724

Inseok Song, B. Zuckerman, A. Weinberger, and E. Beckman, "Extreme Collisions between Planetesimals as the origin of warm dust around a Sun-like Star", 2005, Nature, 436, 363

B. Zuckerman and Inseok Song, "Young Stars Near Earth", 2004, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 42, 685