Physics and Astronomy People

People in the Department


Department Head William Dennis
Assistant Department Head Steven Lewis
Graduate Coordinator Inseok Song
Undergraduate Coordinator -- Physics Craig Wiegert
Undergraduate Coordinator -- Astronomy Jean-Pierre Caillault
Person Position
Michael Bachmann Associate Professor of Physics
Jean-Pierre Caillault Professor of Astronomy
Benjamin Cooley Part-time Instructor
William Dennis Professor of Physics
Alan Dorsey Dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Andrei Galiautdinov Lecturer
Michael Geller Professor of Physics
Uwe Happek Professor of Physics
David Landau Distinguished Research Professor of Physics
M. Howard Lee Regents Professor of Physics
Steven Lewis Associate Professor of Physics
Loris Magnani Professor of Astronomy
Henning Meyer Professor of Physics and Chemistry
K.K. Mon Associate Professor of Physics
Kanzo Nakayama Professor of Physics
Tho Nguyen Assistant Professor
Zhengwei Pan Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering
Heinz-Bernd Schuttler Professor of Physics
Robin Shelton Professor of Physics
Inseok Song Associate Professor of Astronomy
Phillip Stancil Professor of Physics
Susanne Ullrich Associate Professor of Physics
Craig Wiegert Associate Professor of Physics
Qun Zhao Associate Professor of Physics
Yiping Zhao Professor of Physics


Business Manager III Mica Turner
Person Position
Tom Barnello Laboratory Coordinator
Mike Caplinger Systems Administration Specialist
Stephanie Crowe Administrative Specialist (CSP)
Jeff Deroshia Systems Administrator Associate
Michelle Doster Senior Accountant
Hayley Felts Administrative Assistant
Robin Taylor Student Affairs Professional
Mica Turner Business Manager
Ginger Williams Grants Assistant

Research Professionals/Scientists

Person Position
David Henley Research Professional IV
Benhui Yang Assistant Research Scientist
Zhongyuan Zhou Research Professional IV

Postdoctoral Associates

Person Position
Jason Galyardt Postdoctoral
Fei Huang Nakayama
Shiheng Liang Postdoc for Dr. Nguyen
Hao You Geller

Graduate Students

Person Position
Matthew Amrit Graduate Student
Pradip Basnet Grad Student
Volker Beutner Graduate Student
Mohua Bhattacharya Grad Student
Reece Boston Grad Student
Layne Bradley Grad Student
John Bucholtz Graduate Student
Funing Chen Graduate Student
Tara Cotten Grad Student
Renata Cumbee Grad Student
Yifan Dai Grad Student
Emmanuel Donate Grad Student
Alfred Farris Graduate Student
Rugang Geng Grad Student
Kellan Gibson Grad Student
Jason Gilchrist Grad Student
TJ Godfrey Grad Student
Jeff Gritton Grad Student
Yuan Guo Grad Student
Yizhuo He Grad Student
Jim Heneghan Grad Student
Weijie Huang Grad Student
Whitney Ingram Grad Student
Ben Jackson Grad Student
Nishita Jadoo Graduate Student
Amara Katabarwa Grad Student
Noah Kent Grad Student
Tomas Koci Grad Student
George Larsen Grad Student
Steve Larson Graduate Student
Jinhee Lee Grad Student
Joonsang Lee Grad Student
Benjamin Liewehr Graduate Student
Mary Locke Grad Student
David Lyons Grad Student
Manoj Manjare Grad Student
Qingying Meng Grad Student
Mark Mudrick Grad Student
Manu Pasricha Grad Student
Dilina Perera Grad Student
Mayuri Perera Grad Student
Kai Qi Grad Student
Shahab Razavi Hessabi Grad Student
Jose Sanchez Graduate Student
Lauren Sgro Graduate Student
Guangjie (Jerry) Shi Grad Student
Gregory Simchick Graduate Student
Allison Smith Grad Student
Keenan Stone Graduate Student
Ram Chandra Subedi Graduate Student
Eric Suter Graduate Student
Kyle Walker Grad Student
Kun Wang Grad Student
Matt Williams Grad Student
Lingyun Wu Graduate Student
Jiahao Xu Graduate Student
Zihe Xu Graduate Student
Hui Yu Grad Student
Shengming Zhang Graduate Student
Susannah Zhang Grad Student
Ziwei Zhang Graduate Student


Person Position
Robert Anderson Emeritus
Todd Baker Emeritus
Alan Edwards Emeritus
Gary Love Emeritus
Richard Meltzer Emeritus
Scott Shaw Emeritus
Robert Wood Emeritus