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Homework Assignments

End of Chapter Problems (for a grade)

EOC 1: Available Aug. 14. Due Friday Aug. 24, 4:30pm. (Note delayed due date).

EOC 2: Available Aug. 22. Due Wednesday Sept. 5, 4:30pm. (Note delayed due date).

EOC 3: Available Aug. 22. Due Tuesday Sept. 25, 3:30pm. (Note delayed due Date).

EOC 4: (9/26) Chapter 13, Problems P21, P25, P31, P35, P49, P51, P57, and P59. Due Thursday Oct. 4, 4:30pm.

EOC 5: (9/26) Chapter 14, Problems P29, P32, P35, P37, P41, P43, P47, P57, and P63. Due Thursday Oct. 18, 4:30pm.

EOC 6: (10/17) Chapter 15, Problems P23, P27, P31, P39, P41, P45, P47, P51, and P53. Due Thursday Oct. 25, 4:30pm.

EOC 7: (10/17) Chapter 16, Problems P24, P27, P31, P37, P47, P49, P53, P63, P83, and P87. Due Friday Nov. 2, 4:30pm.

EOC 8: (11/5) Chapter 17, Problems P15, P23, P25, P27, P31, P37, P41, P51, P53, and P55. Due Monday Nov. 12, 4:30pm.

EOC 9: (11/19) Chapter 18, Problems P25, P26, P33, P37, P41, and P45. Due Friday Nov. 30, 4:30pm.

(11/19) Chapter 19, Problems P30, P41, P47, P55, P57, P63, P75, and P79. Not to be collected.

(11/19) Chapter 20, Problems P25, P29, P37, P42, P47, P71, and P73. Not to be collected or valid for the final exam.

LON-CAPA HW (for a grade)

HW 1: Available Aug. 15. Due Thursday Aug. 23, 9pm.

HW 2: Availabile Aug. 26, 6pm. Due Thursday Aug. 30, 9pm.

HW 3: Available Aug. 30, 11pm. Due Sept. 7, 9pm. (Note delayed due date).

HW 4: Available Sept. 18, 9pm. Due Sept. 26, 9pm.

HW 5: Available Sept. 27, 9pm. Due Oct. 3, 9pm.

HW 6: Available Oct. 24, 11pm. Due Nov. 1, 9pm.

HW 7: Available Nov. 5, 9pm. Due Nov. 9, 4pm.

HW 8: Available Nov 24, 9pm. Due Dec. 3, 9pm

Conceptual Questions (Not for a grade)

Chapter 13: Q3 and Q9.

Chapter 14: Q1 and Q19.

Chapter 15: Q5 and Q8.

Chapter 16: Q1, Q3, and Q19.

Chapter 17: Q3 and Q13.

Chapter 18: Q3, Q5, Q10, and Q18.

Chapter 19: Q1, Q6, Q18, and Q25.

Chapter 20: Q1 and Q12.

Extra Homework Assignments