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LON-CAPA 6 and EOC 7

February 26, 2018

LON-CAPA 6 will be available on Tuesday Feb. 26, 9pm. It is due Thursday March 9pm.

The assignment for EOC 7, Chapter 6, is available, but it will not be due until after spring break. It is a long assignment. So, it will be worth 20 points. Errors in the back of the book: P13(c) 1.48e-8 J, (d) B; P29, 66 J; P59(b), 2829 m/s. Answers for P48 are: (a) 8.378e-13 J, (b) 1.4e-14 J, 8.24e-13 J = 5.14 MeV.

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