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  • September 6, 2017

    Sept 12

    A great start for our Group Talks.  Two more next week and two more after that. A reminder: Try to look at your audience and engage them.  Also, please explain the physical concepts behind the phenomena that you are relating.  Example:  Kepler's Third Law that states objects closer to a planet orbit faster than those further away. (It has to do with the fact that gravitational potential energy is larger when two objects are closer, so the kinetic energy, thus velocity, has to be larger also.)

    Next week's topics may encounter the concept of angular momentum, so please be prepared with an explanation. Gravitational heating and nuclear fusion might show up also.

    The grades have been posted up through this weeks journal. I will wait on Group Talk grades until they are all done since y'all are doing diffent things (talking, summarizing) each day.

    A the top left of this page there is an icon that allows you to log in with your UGA password and see your grades.  HERE is a explantion of them. A perfect score is 10.  More than that means you did something really fine.

    Other news: There is also an updated syllabus for the course.

    The dome is fixed; observing soon, I hope.



  • August 29, 2017

    Sept 5

    A very lively discussion today in which all of you seemed to understand the dicotomy of belief as a personal comfort and sometimes guide versus science as an accurate desciber of the natural world. You were super respectful of each other, which I valued, but I hope that doesn't keep you from stepping up to help others when their pseudoscientific beliefs become harmful to themselves or others.  College is a great time to use newly learned knowledge (scientific and othewise) to expand your personalities from those formed in your early lives.

    The schedule and instructions for the talks over the next three weeks are up.

    Pay attention to the italicized part!


    MORE later






  • August 22, 2017

    August 29

    Terrific talks!  You have gotten individual comments by email.  Your time management was perfect.  Almost all of you practiced a few times and the smoothness showed. Some of you need to get away from reading your whole talk. I was so encouraged that y'all knew what needed to be improved!

    After we have three quick talks next week, we will transition into a full class discussion on Pseudoscience. See the assignment HERE.   

    Be sure to read the material and speak up into the discussion. 

    The week after this, Sept 5, we will start group projects and you need to read THIS before coming to class Aug 29.


  • August 15, 2017

    Aug 22

    WOW!  What a great start. Such enthusiasm. I have gotten used to UGA students being intelligent, but I was newly impressed with your abilities to take on tough responsibilities.

    Next week features a 3 minute talk on an astronomy topic.  Read the hints.  You can pick your topic or choose on from here.  Heed the deadlines for topic submission (Friday) and picture submission (Sunday).  If you miss deadlines you get only half credit.


  • August 12, 2017

    August 15

    Welcome! This is the first of weekly (at least) announcements of what is planned for class.

    After I introduce myself and the class, each of you will give a two minute talk about yourself. At the end of class you need to write your first journal and email it to me.


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