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  • December 9, 2017

    Happy Holidyas

    All grades are posted.  Time to put up my Christmas tree tomorrow.  Have a great break and enjoy your time at UGA when you come back next year.  It has been a great class. Thanks.


  • November 29, 2017


    Half of the class has submitted their summaries.  The rest of you need to get it in by Dec 4!


  • November 14, 2017

    Last Assignment

    It is always so much fun talking about ET. I especially liked it that you engaged your younger family members.

    Download the docx file for your last assignment HERE.  Fill it out and email it back to me by Dec 4.  Whenever I get it, I will calculate your grade and email it to you.  The sooner you return the form, the sooner you will know your grade.

    It has been fun!  Have a great holiday and a great stay at UGA.  If I can help with anything let me know.  If you did not get to come to the public night at the observatory, put it on your bucket list for the next four years.


  • November 8, 2017

    Nov 14

    Next week will be a class-wide discussion of the possibility of Extraterrestrial Life.  Directions HERE.  Read the material. Judging from your group answers, some of you did not read the cosmology material.

    This will be the last class, as we will not have class on Nov 28 after Thanksgiving. Tuesday Dec 5 is a Friday class day.

    Grades are posted. Perfect is 33.5


  • October 31, 2017

    Nov 7

    Good presentations. Time to move on to cosmology, although you have heard some of it from our presenters.  Now for much greater depth! The assigment - leave plenty of time to read.


  • October 24, 2017

    Oct 31 [Halloween]

    Another great set of talks. Only six more left.

    Two general comments: If you hit a term or name with which you aren't familiar, you might try HERE.

    I know there is a lot of material that you are trying to present in a short time and that leads to dealing with it all front to back as if it were all the same, but it isn't.  Emphasize the good stuff and fill in with the transitional stuff.

    Yes, I know we are meeting on Halloween, but if you want candy you will have to join the other 500+ children that show up at our house on University Drive.




  • October 17, 2017

    Oct 24

    A wonderful first day of Individual Projects talks. Let me tell you what I liked.

    1. The  content of the talks was excellent, so I think each speaker has learned something solid about their piece of astronomy.

    2. The audience obviously learned something or

    3. y'all would not have asked such good questions. Then

    4. the speakers gave great answers, which showed their knowledge, but more importantly, showed how much they really wanted the questioner to understand what they were speaking about.

    That desire to teach well, something you know well, is a admirable quality to nurture while y'all are here at UGA.

    Next week's schedule is HERE. As much as I love questions (and I do), we ran a bit long so I am cutting the talks to 9 minutes so we can be more relaxed about questions.



  • October 14, 2017

    Viewing #3

    Viewing was fun.  It is unfortunate that Athens is so bright that seeing faint fuzzy objects is hard.  If you ever get to Arizona, HERE is a program that will get you into darker skies.

    We will not be having the other viewing on the 25th, but you can sign up for the public nights from links HERE.  

    These public viewings happen during the academic year, so over your years at UGA try to get to one of them.



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