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Yiping Zhao Awarded Creative Research Medal at UGA

February 17, 2010

March 20, 2009. Yiping Zhao, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, combines nanofabrication techniques with fundamental studies of liquid-nanostructure interactions to develop devices with bioscientific and engineering applications. He has collaborated with colleagues from different departments of UGA, especially Prof. Rich Dluhy from Chemistry and Prof. Ralph Trip from Infectious Diseases, to develop plasmonic biosensors, specifically those based upon surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Their results suggest that these novel sensors can be used as diagnostic tools; they detect extremely low levels of virus in a minute sample while providing structural and quantitative information about the virus. Zhao has designed and fabricated catalytic nanomotors, which have potential applications in targeted microsurgery and drug delivery. He and his team have filed 15 patents, 12 of which resulted directly from research on these projects during the past five years.

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