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Flash and Bang Science Demonstrations at Local Middle Schools

September 29, 2010

The week of September 13th, a team including Nick Barker and Prof. Vasilios Stavros from the University of Warwick (UK) and Prof. Susanne Ullrich from UGA performed four "flash and bang" science demonstrations for more than 600 students at middle schools in the Athens area. The lectures covered some fundamental principles of chemistry and physics but also extended into more advanced topics such as biofuels and chemiluminescence and were accompanied by impressive displays of loud bangs and explosions. The school children were also introduced to real-life scientific research on the photostability of DNA as currently in progress in the ultrafast laser spectroscopy laboratories of Profs. Stavros and Ullrich.  These outreach activities to local schools were supported by a NSF and EPSRC grant "International Collaboration in Chemistry between US Investigators and their Counterparts Abroad (ICC)". 

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