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Astronomy Professor Loris Magnani to present first of six lectures in UGA's Origins Lecture Series

January 17, 2013

Astronomy professor Loris Magnani will present the first lecture as part of UGA's Origins Lecture Series. This series of six lectures explores the origin of life, Earth, and the universe itself. All lectures in this series are intended for general audiences. Dr. Magnani will be discussing the origin of the universe at the UGA Chapel On Wednesday, January 23 at 7:00 pm. From his Origins Lecture Page:

In this lecture I will describe how Einstein laid the foundations for  the Big Bang Theory with his Theory of General Relativity and how these ideas were  used to understand the expansion of the Universe in the 1930s.  We will look at the predictions made by the classical theory and how some startling discoveries made in the last 20 years have been incorporated into the theory.  In the process we will see how theories develop with time and new information, how particle physics has impacted cosmology and what are some of the major challenges facing the Big Bang Theory today.

About the Origins Lecture Series:

Since mankind’s earliest days the story of our origins has been one of fascination and inspiration.  In an effort to share that story six of UGA’s leading scientists have come together to present the latest scientific findings on everything from our humble beginnings on the plains of east Africa to the formation of the universe itself.  The Origins Lecture Series is intended for the entire Athens community.  In clear and plain language these talks are geared for those who want to know more about who we are, how we got here, and possibly, where we are going.

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