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Physics and Astronomy

Graduate Program Application

Application to Graduate Program

Applications for graduate admission and assistantships are accepted only for the fall semester start because of the structure of our core curriculum. We accept an applicant to begin in the spring semester only in rare occasions.

Application Package

transcript, 3 letters, GRE score, essay. (TOEFL score for international students)


To receive full consideration, applications should be submitted by January 15th

Teaching Assistantship

All applicants are considered for a Graduate Laboratory Assistantship. In general, all admitted students will have guaranteed support (either by TA or RA) for the first two years.

Application Website

Click for the URL of the graduate programapplication site.

More Detailed Information

For more detailed information about the application process and requirements, please read this PDF file. If you still have a question after reading the PDF file, contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Inseok Song (